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Affiliate Marketing tips and traps
Affiliate marketing tips and traps

Cash is The Answer is a blog about abundance and prosperity. I will share with you all the the ideas, tactics, tips and strategies I have learned and continue to through the free content here

If you are a coach, consultant, sales professional, freelancer, or agency owner looking for better leads and sales or if you are looking to create an online Passive income: you are in the right place!

We are going to cover, well, any and all ideas and strategies I find useful from the more esoteric abundance mindset and manifestational strategies to the more “practical” hands on, nuts and bolts tactics because frankly I have found any system for achieving abundance and prosperity to be incomplete without a broad comprehensive view.

You can have all the practical strategies you want, but if your beliefs, self concept are not supportive it won’t work. Likewise you can sit on your couch and meditate about abundance, but your business will never get off the ground without practical strategies and consistent action.

So, you may be wondering who the hell I am and why you should listen to me.

My name is Liam Stephan Maynard. I have been exploring digital marketing for 16 years now and personal development, the law of attraction and the nature of reality for 30+ years; so you don’t even need to be that bright to pick up some distinctions if you’ve been studying something for 30 + years…

I was also a financial Advisor and insurance broker with one of the top companies in Canada for 10 years.

While this sounds good, and some of it was, like the training and experience, the rest of quite honestly sucked…

This was a zero salary, 100% commission gig with no clients provided and no walk in traffic of any kind.

I would truly wake up every morning unemployed and have to go find my dinner.

This would have been okay except:

1.I was not passionate about what I was doing

2. They would only let us use archaic industrial age marketing strategies like cold calling, door knocking, and pestering friends and family

If you have ever tried cold calling in any of its forms I can tell you that trying to find a better way to cold call someone in the 21st century is like trying to find a better way to punch someone in the face!

As unpleasant as this was it paled in comparison to the financial struggle this position presented.

I never knew where my finances were, I was constantly borrowing money to survive and I couldn’t get ahead to save my soul.

This went on for years…

However, in my search for a better way to fill my schedule for my financial planning business something remarkable happened…

I was introduced to some of the top marketers in the world when it comes to sales, online marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, webinar sales, and search engine optimization.

While I did learn how to fill my appointment calendar using these strategies, the financial planning industry wasn’t where my heart was…

I sold that financial planning business to create an digital marketing agency and I received more money in the first year than I did in the last 4 years combined in my financial planning business.

Less tangible, but more important is that I feel free. NO bosses, Demanding clients or cold calling hell.

I want the same for you!

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Here’s to your continued success, What you desire is on its way,

Liam Stephan Maynard

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