How To Build A Lead Sucking Online Sales Funnel

Online Marketing Sales Funnels

Spot-on marketing is essential for an organization’s success in generating to healthy ROI. There is a complicated relationship between marketing and sales which complement one another, as they are bound by a common thread known as the online sales funnel.

Hence, it is crucial to invest your effort and time in crafting the best sales funnel possible.

Online Marketing Lead GenerationA typical sales funnel, if it done correctly, takes your new lead from the ad to a bridge page or indoctrination page as it is sometimes called. Here you want to continue building more of a relationship with them by giving them something of value i.e. a free video training, story, or other snippet of your main product or program.

If they like the content they will click to proceed in your funnel and hopefully buy your product or service. However, by this point you should have them on your list as this indoctrination page is giving them the content they opted in for.

There is of course a right way and a wrong way to build a sales funnel. You may already know what a sale funnel is, but few understand how to construct a profitable funnel that produces sales on tap. Once you have enough data from your sales funnel, you will be able to determine where your funnel is broken by those that drop out and do not proceed to your next step.

Some of the statistics from Marketing Sherpa and Hubspot indicate 79% of marketing leads don’t buy anything, but 46% of marketers who have effective lead management processes also have sales teams that will follow up on over 75% of their leads and 47% of Nurtured leads make a more significant purchase compared to non-nurtured points. At the same time, nurtured leads improve sales by 20%

How to create and Build a Compelling Online Sales Funnel

  • Even before we focus on building an effective sale funnel, we will discuss factors that break or make sales funnel performance.
  • First, avoid too many steps, the more the steps, the more people you will lose.
  • Ensure you attract enough people within your funnel using your traffic.
  • The content you make has to be sharable. Sharable content will balance the people you lose over the steps.

Some examples of successful sale funnel include;

Crazy Egg Funnel

The Products Crazy Egg offers its clients are the same since it formed years back, which include an option to Google analytics with metrics that Google does not provide other users. Keeping it simple is often better.

It is also crucial to note the product or service must be superior in some way and add value rather than just be marketing hype, though, marketing plays an up to 50% role towards the success of a product.

The online sales funnel process generates leads, sales and profits for businesses with quality products in place it does not substitute for having a quality product.

With Crazy Egg, they receive massive traffic through ads, referrals, and blogs. Customers sign up and then they see prices. For those who leave the site, a cookie is placed on the user to help track them.

At the same time, the email provided is used to offer relevant assistance, such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Then you will receive a purchase form, and for those who entered their emails, the information automatically filled.

Crazy Egg Funnel has a magnetic quality due to its engaging user experience and utilization of different sales methods. If the user’s behavior suggests they enjoy the experience, it will guide them smoothly through the purchasing process.

They have balance between encouraging a customer to purchase and helping them. They also use an original layout, which makes it stand out. The exit-intent pop-up feature is also smart as it appears as the user moves the mouse off.

Groupon Sales Funnel is one of the fastest growing companies that ever existed. It has grown into a multi-billion-dollar company. They operate an e-commerce marketplace globally that links clients to different products. Activities like services, products, and goods sold on their platform.

Their sale funnel is excellent due to the exclusivity of their offers and the reliability of their brand; furthermore, even when you don’t find what you’re looking for, you will easily find yourself drawn to the site as they send offers through the email you provided. As an organization,

Groupon ensures they build and


Online Lead Generationmaintain their email list. And that is why they insist on collecting emails at the beginning of sign up. The user is only allowed to see Groupon offers after they provide their email address.

At the same time, they have reasonable offers that are competitive. For example, they offer lucrative deals such as 50% of the initial prices.

How to ensure your online sales funnel is magnetic:

The real secret to having magnetic sales funnels is the research you do beforehand into who your customers are and what they want. Without this knowledge you will be unable to create a high value converting offer based on their actual pain points and not your imagination of them.

First, identify the traits of average and best clients. Analyze what they want, expect, and future needs. If you don’t know what this is, checkout forums for this niche, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, You Tube video comments, Amazon reviews for popular books in your niche.

Create an offer to the client that will make yours unique compared to your competitors. Identify why your customers will come back again, and why they wouldn’t.

Exploiting online sales funnel metrics.

In order to do this you need to have a Facebook pixel or Google tag on each page of your funnel. Only with this data can you determine whether someone has clicked on your ad, but not opted in or opted in but not made it from the bridge page to the sales page or made it to the checkout but not purchased.

With this data you can retarget these customers appropriately based on their actual actions, not speculation. This provides the directions the organization should follow and execute.

It’s always best if you determine where and how leads are lost or why and how they lag. Analytics can provide a wealth of information, including the likelihood of someone responding to a free offer or how particular demographics respond to specific offers. But data with only shallow analysis is not viable.

Determine why and how leads are lost:

A fantastic email offer that is never opened essentially does not exist. A spectacular landing page that no one opts into is useless. Maybe it needs a new headline or if it’s an email a new subject line to gather attention because in reality 80% of the job on a landing page is done with the headline & your headline should be consistent across your pages and you ads.

Funnel testing is essential to identify the difference between strategies. The majority of companies use different channels at the beginning to identify the best customers. What channel be it Facebook, Instagram or You Tube is more appropriate for your sales process will require testing.. in marketing there is no best, there is just test.

Make sure your pages are mobile friendly.

This is a simple matter if you are using any of the modern page building softwares, but if you are for example using a wordpress site as the landing page, ensure it is mobile friendly as this represents the majority of traffic now.


Understanding changes in customer behavior:

Understand how the customers have changed over a given period, though the products remain the same. As an organization, you should stay focused on changing strategies and opportunities.

Years back, pop-ups were frequent on windows, then replaced with those appearing inside the page. The modern one is more pleasant to customers as they spice up the page.

Besides, users are tired of adverts on sites such as audio and videos that affect the user experience negatively. Therefore, web developers offer a variety of methods. The user can block ads on the site to encourage the customer to use the sites.

In conclusion:

If people aren’t engaging with the AD, your problem is the Ad. If people are clicking on the ad, but not opting in, your problem is the landing page and or potentially your targeting / audience. If people opt in, but don’t buy anything look to your sales page and check out pages. Simple really…

Analyze your online sales funnels to see where they are broken and not producing leads and sales by using tracking code on your pages, but remember that an irresistible offer is the best way to have a profitable funnel and you can only develop a high value converting offer by understanding your customers wants, needs and pain points and making them an offer they can’t refuse.

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