Boost Traffic To Your LinkedIn Posts With These 7 Effective Strategies

LinkedIn Traffic For Sales

The 7 Key Strategies Include:

#1 A Sense of Direction

A ship cannot leave a harbor without a captain and a destination; otherwise, the chances are that it’ll end up a shipwreck on some island or sunk and forgotten somewhere in the sea.

Similarly, your LinkedIn posts need a sense of direction; they need a captain and a destination. Pick a niche that you know you can represent confidently and effectively. People need to identify your LinkedIn posts with a particular subject, which whenever they need information about, your posts are the first place they think to look.

Determine what you are good at and how you can help people in that area; then create LinkedIn posts that revolve around it.

#2 Create Compelling Content For Your LinkedIn Posts

Creating compelling and meaningful content is not necessarily a new strategy because it is a basic concept in creating posts anywhere online.

Nonetheless, people often overlook it and take it for granted. Content is king! Compelling LinkedIn post content is, firstly, useful to the reader.

It should be relevant, in that, it stays on topic and provides practical knowledge to its intended audience.

Moreover, people will disregard carelessly delivered content, even if it is about the secret of eternal life. Therefore, presentation is critical.

To make your content compelling and effective: Use images to make it appealing and clearer when illustrating points Use subtitles to separate different ideas Where necessary, use bullet points for lists and short points, and Use different formatting styles for emphasis and style

#3 Make Yourself Visible On LinkedIn

You cannot attract traffic if no one knows about your existence. Take advantage of the assorted LinkedIn promotional platforms available to get the word out there about you and the value you bring to the table.

#4 Establish Authentic and Reliable LinkedIn Networks

Don’t wait for those in your network to prove their worth to you, do it first. Prove your worth to them by engaging in their posts and alternative LinkedIn activities. A meaningful comment or a like’ can reach far on LinkedIn because people will get notifications about them on their timeline, and they will take note. They will remember your kind remarks or gesture and feel obliged to repay in kind.

#5 Take Advantage of Hashtags in LinkedIn Posts

One of the most effective ways of boosting your visibility on LinkedIn is including hashtags on your articles or posts. A good tactic in this regard is adding them to the comment area of a post before publishing it.

Since LinkedIn is different from other social networks, a good rule of thumb with hashtags is to add them only when they have something to do with your industry or your targeted audience.

#6 Tag People who Matter

Influencers and alternative key people in your industry are good subjects for tags because they can significantly boost your visibility. Since they are giants in the industry, they probably have many prominent people in their networks.

Therefore, by tagging such people, your content becomes discoverable through their names and other affiliations. That means more traffic for you!

#7 You are not limited to LinkedIn Posts

Various social networks exist and they are connected to each other in different ways. Use other social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram to promote your LinkedIn activities. Every social media platform available has people interested in your profession. Therefore, wherever you are online, take advantage of that platform to let interested parties know that they can find you on LinkedIn; so that you can help each other grow.

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