13 Proven Ways To Make Money Online

proven online income strategies

While many people would assume that making money online is an unreachable dream, this really couldn’t be any further from the truth. Nowadays the internet is the single biggest market in the world, and a lot of money is constantly made on it.

If you’re looking for proven ways to make money online the key really lies in understanding how you can sift through the bs and find reliable, predictable and proven strategies because making money online is it’s not hard; just different from traditional means.

So with that in mind let’s take a look at some of the most approachable and reliable ways to earn money online, so you too have an idea of where to start.


Make Money Online With Google AdSense:

Proven ways to make money onlineIf you’ve seen an ad on YouTube or just about any website then chances are it’s a Google Ad. Google Ads are a great option to earn money because they are easy to set up and scale based on your reach.

If you get visits you get money, and the only limit to it is how big your website becomes. To make money with Google AdSense you’ll need to apply for it.

Typically this is a strategy you would use in conjunction with a blog. So, your goals is just to put out excellent content and drive traffic to your site through SEO, paid ads, social media (like Pinning your articles on Pinterest and sharing your content on other platforms with links back to your blog.

You can also post in forums and link back to your bog as well. When someone comes to your site, your ads will be waiting. Just make sure they are appropriate fir your audience.

Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Passive Income Strategy Online

Affiliate marketing refers to linking to products or services and earning a commission from every successful purchase.

There’s a lot of companies out there interested in raising profits like this, including giants like Amazon. So this can be a great way to boost profits when recommending products. You can send traffic to an affiliate site or blog and or run paid ads.

Make sure you don’t run ads straight to an affiliate offer that is a great way to get your account banned, You’ll need an opt-in page and bridge page in between your sales page if running ads.

If you are using free methods to send traffic to your blog – make sure to collect email addresses at the same time as you can promote all your similar offers to the same list. This strategy can be used in conjunction with online course and Google AdSense to monetize your site.

Sell Your Consulting Services Online

If you have an unique specialized skill you can offer paid consulting for it. There’s a large market for consulting out there, and you might be surprised at how many emails you get depending on what kind of consulting you offer.

One way of promoting your consulting is through the use of a blog. As you send traffic to your site from Google rankings or sharing content on social media with links back to your site you can attract new consulting clients.

Or use Facebook or You Tube ads to generate consulting leads and sell them through n online sales funnel

Affiliate Marketing tips and traps
Affiliate marketing tips and traps

Online Courses: Make Money By Selling Digital Products Online

Similar to the above, but more centered on individuals than large companies.

If you have a talent and know how to teach it you can make an online course around it. Websites like Teachable make it easy to design and offer your courses online, and that’s a great way to make money doing something you love.

Also, you don’t have to be the expert. You can create a course around knowledge other people have, get other people to write your eBook for you on upwork and other sites for example and gather bonuses by interviewing amazon authors or you tube creators who may nt be making as much money as you think and be glad to give an interview I exchange for a link.

This is a good strategy to pair with affiliate marketing. You can put your content on sites like Clickbank and keep 100% of the money while getting other affiliates to promote your digital product.

You can promote by running ads through an online sale funnel or free methods like you tube videos and forum posts.

Podcasting: The New Online Radio

Podcasts are basically the radio of today, and with that it should come at no surprise that advertisers and sponsors want a part of that. If you grow your podcast enough you will have the option to reach sponsors willing to pay you well for just a few seconds of airtime.

Book Sales: Selling Your Books Online

In a way books never get old, and online services like Create Space and Amazon now allow you to get books into print without the entire editorial process behind it. Get enough books out and it becomes passive income for you, which can amount to way more than you’d assume.

Lead Sales: Online Income Through Lead Generation

This one is more involved, but basically it refers to selling the general information you’ve obtained from visitors. Each business has a niche and if your website fits it then chances are a company is interested in learning what your information says of the market.


Freelance Writing: Sell Your writing or Copywriting services Online

Writing for others is a great way to make money online. There’s no shortage of people who need content for their websites or blogs, and by finding your niche you can make a wide net of connections interested in hiring your services. And if you have any skills in copywriting, this is a very in demand skill. You can make money writing other people’s ads, landing pages, sales letters, emails etc

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How To make money onlineIf you have a large audience then there will be people willing to pay to appear in front of it.

Companies and services pay content creators all the time to make content about their products, and the earnings can grow really big based on how large your reach is.

And if you are an influencer people will pay you for access to your network of followers.


Webinars For Online Product Sales

Webinars are something of a multi-use tool, while they can make money on their own they can also be great marketing tools for other products. This means you can earn from the basic webinar and profit further if well designed, which sounds great any way you look at it. Webinars are the primary tool to sell online courses, events, affiliate products etc.

They are generally used for more high ticket product sales. In fact, you need a webinar in most cases to sell high ticket products online.

Digital Marketing Agency: Selling Online Services

You may think you wouldn’t know what to run a digital marketing agency.

This is typically where you offer services to local businesses like dentists, veterinarians, plumbers, restaurants, spas etc and offer to do any one or a combination of services like handle their social media posting, ranking them on Google (Search engine optimization), run paid ads on Facebook and google etc.

easy passive income ideas

The truth is while learning these skills yourself is valuable, take it from me it can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating to get right. However, you don’t need to be an expert.

All you need to do is find a business that could use some help e.g. they are on page 3 of Google instead of in 3 pack or get the free Facebook pixel helper extension on chrome and find businesses that are Facebook friendly who are nor running ads and then outsource the work to someone else.

There are companies online like web 2 ranker and Green lantern who will do the work for you and you keep the difference.

You could also find a business that’s not posting online and offer to do it for them – the hire someone o upwork to do the job for you. In this way, you are the middleman, but you get all the credit – this is the wonders of white label services.

Make Money Online From YouTube:

Tried and true, YouTube is probably the first place people think of when it comes to earning money online. Through ads, memberships, donations and much more YouTube offers its creators so many unique ways to earn money.

Top creators can easily earn millions, so there’s no denying there’s major money on it. You tube is also a great way to sell digital courses and affiliate products.

For example you can leave links to your blog, webinar or opt in page in the description and reference it in the video.

Create relevant tags and a mini article in the description as well as sending backlinks from sites like fiverr and konker.io and you will get more views from ranking some of your videos – typically the lower competition ones, but it all ads up. If You Tube starts suggesting your video you’ve likely got a hit

Build an Online Community: Build your Online Presence and Brand With Your Own Community

Combining elements of blogging, seminars and marketing making your own community can also rake a lot of profits fast. The key lies in finding a subject people are passionate about or that has practical benefits. Once you figure that out you can combine it with pretty much any of the above elements to ensure a profit.

So as it stands there’s no shortage of ways to earn money online, and even the above are just a small glimpse at all you can do in the internet. The world is full of people who’ve made it big online, and the only way to follow suit is to try on your own.

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