4 Powerfully Profitable Blog Niches

4 powerful blog niches now

A popular way of making money online is to build a niche blog. Profitable blog niches refer to are blogs focused around one subject, product, or service. There are many untapped niches, and the potential to earn a living online from them is limitless.

The best thing about this type of website marketing is that you can begin by using all free methods to create your first blog.

The first step that you will want to take is to find a topic that interests you. Hobbies are great for this. If you are interested in computers, you could blog about the latest technology. If you are interested in movies, a good topic might be to blog about the latest films.


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Take advantage of the latest technologies in blogging like WordPress or Joomla. If you want to create a free blog, try Blogger.com, or Free WordPress website. You can find thousands of open blogging platforms online to build a niche blog.

Creating good unique content should be your goal. Rehashed articles and content does not rank well in the search engines, and you wouldn’t want to waste your time.

Include videos, images, and an email form to keep your visitors updated on your latest posts. You will want to monetize your blog if your goal is to make money.

Sign up for affiliate programs and try programs like Google Adsense and Chitika advertisements.

To market your blog, use social bookmarking, free online classifieds, and RSS feeds. Be sure to ping your blogs too after every post. This will let the search engines know that you have updated your content. Niche blogging is easy when you find something you enjoy. You can create fresh content with every inspiring idea you have, and make good money doing it.

As you go along you can also generate traffic to your blog from utilizing traffic from sources like Pinterest as well as getting powerful backlinks from high authority Forms. Just get the free MOZ extension and join Forums with a Domain Authority of at least 10. Add valuable content and then add links back to your blog.

You can also get guest post backlinks from a site like The Hoth. All of this will help your rankings in Google and get you more traffic.

Profitable Niches Begging For Blogging

Online jobs Blog Niche:

This is one the great and hot profitable niches that just a few people are taking advantage of.

A lot of people are searching for online jobs every day, and what do you think will happen to your bank account if you can provide a solution to their problem through blogging?

The solution may be in the form of telling them the right place to go to get all these online jobs. As people are flocking to your website and clicking on either your Google ads or your affiliate links, you start raking in cool dollars.

Stand up now and take this opportunity. Another yet untapped goldmine is discussed in the second paragraph.


Online Dating Blog Niche:

As profitable blog niches go, another great niche begging for blogging is the online dating niche.

A lot of people are looking for reliable places online where they can date the opposite sex, but many are not getting the right ones, but what if you can set up a blog giving them all these?

I can say it categorically that you will be raking in thousands of dollars from any money-making opportunity on your blog because your blog will experience loads of traffic.

Another profitable niche you can venture into for your blogging is:

The Making Money Online Blog Niche

Virtually everybody wants to make money online, but just a few are realizing their dreams of making it just because the more significant percentage do not know how to go about it.

But come to think of it if you can be giving them the much-needed information in your blog. You can start making money, and you never thought you could make from your blog just because you are blogging in a hot and profitable niche.

Local Blog Niche

The Local Blogging Niche is Still Largely Untapped.

profitable blogging businessThere are millions of blogs in existence these days, so competition for traffic is fiercer than it’s ever been.

Bloggers of all levels of expertise and experience are always on the lookout for new profitable blog niches to focus on. Unfortunately, many of them are saturated, so it can be hard to know where to look.

But there’s one niche that has not yet been overdone and won’t be for quite some time. That is local blogging.

It’s also one you don’t have to do any research for. Just by living in a particular location, you will immediately qualify as an expert on it.

How could you not be? You live and breathe the place day in and day out, after all.

There is also likely to be very little competition. How many other people in your area are going to be writing a blog about it? Usually, very few. Sure, you might have a couple of dozen other bloggers writing about your city if it’s relatively big.

But there will be fewer if the town is small. And there will probably be only one or two others (if any) writing specifically about your suburb — if that’s what you choose to focus on.

As well as a likely lack of competition, you will never run out of things to write about. You have to start thinking about all the exciting landmarks, local folklore, and unusual buildings that have caught your eye over the years. Then there are local news stories and upcoming events to blog about.

And local blogging has great potential for drawing search engine traffic. People are always very keen to find geo-specific information. The more specific the search terms they are using, the easier it is to rank for them, generally speaking.

profitable blog nichesSo there is a lot of “low hanging fruit” there for the taking. (Certainly, these “long-tail” searches don’t each have high volume.

But as long as you persist in adding relevant and specific blog posts, then the traffic they draw will add up to a decent amount over time.)

Local blogs are conducive to the inclusion of photographs. Readers love them, and so do search engines. Add them to your blog, and you can draw traffic that way too.

You just need to walk out your door with a digital camera and start capturing the new sites you know so well. Every photo you take will conjure some observation or other.

For example, if you take a photo of the school you attended, you can make observations about how it’s changed over the years and perhaps add an anecdote or two about your childhood experiences there.

Or maybe there’s a strip of beach that brings back memories. You can use that as inspiration as well. All these things add a personal touch, making your local blog more unique and authentic. If you combine these musings with exciting facts and figures, you’ll make it informative as well.

As well as local blogging having a lot of traffic potential, it’s also a lot of fun to write one. You start to see your city, town or suburb again, discovering new aspects of it all the time.

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