11 Disturbing Reason To Never Get A Job

reasons to never get a job

Getting a job is a waste of time, talent and energy. When I was growing up people would always ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I would usually reply “rule the world” (still the plan). As I watched people get these Jobs (just over broke).

They didn’t seem happy about it.

But I tried it once myself nonetheless – once. I was washing dishes at a restaurant.

It was horrible.

By the end of that summer when they asked me if I wanted to stay on I ran screaming from the room. I am reminded of a friend who was taking a counselling course paid for by a government program.

reasons to never get a jobSomeone asked him about it and he said “I’m doing this so I don’t have to work…” The other friend turned to him and said, ” that’ll be your epitaph…” Truer words were never spoken.

Over the years for which I have largely been self-employed I have discovered many reasons to never get a job if you can help it. Here are some of the best ones:

Getting A Job Is The Worst Way In The World To Make Money

Getting a job is truly income for idiots. Perhaps idiot is a bit harsh, we’ll say trained sheep BAAA.

It may seem like a good idea and if you are one who likes to follow the herd it can be understandable, the problem here is that it is a system you can never truly get ahead in.

If you are working at a job running reports to your superiors then you only get paid when you work. It is the old problem of trading time for money.

Yet, people who are wealthy tend to do the opposite. They get paid while they sleep, eat, play with the kids, travel or whatever. And they don’t have one source of income they have multiple ever growing sources of income.

Which one would you prefer?

how to start a side hustleWhen I was in high school I joined a network marketing company and learned the phrase “trading time for money.” The pitch was that you could never get rich doing that. You had to be in business for yourself and it is still true.

There are a multitude of ways to make money without being a slave to someone else.

For example, this blog sells products I support and I get paid when someone buys one. It could be your own information products, or affiliate products. You can run ads on Google and you tube to sell them – it’s not that hard to do.

Maybe you’re an artists or writer of some sort – you can sell that online to. Selling things online does not have a particularly large barrier to entry these days. In fact, there are all the resources you need right here on this blog if you want to escape your 9-5 cage

You must de-couple your income from your time. No one cares how much time you spent on something. There is a popular book called “the 4 hour work week.” People pay for the value you provide, not the time you spent.

Being An Employee Is A Disempowering Experience

One of the big myths is that gaining employment will somehow give you the experience you need to succeed, but is this really true?

Getting a job and working to make someone else’s dream a success will gain you experience in working at that job or, oh boy, another similar job… But experience is like education.

There is a big trend in education towards “Self-education” from e-courses or digital info products as I call them.

This is because someone who has actual real world results at achieving a specific goal has condensed decades into days and handed it to you on a silver platter ready to consume at your leisure instead of a traditional education which is again training you to work at a job for someone else.

As I said to a friend once, “self made millionaire” is not a course of study at university. I was harping on this back when a digital product was the cassette tapes I’d get in the mail. People laughed and said it wasn’t “an accredited course.”

Who gives a fuck? Not my bank account.

start an online businessThe only people who care about accredited courses are employers – are you seeing a pattern?

The tests I’ve taken at university are largely things I memorized for the test and forgot later when I didn’t need them for thee test.

But the real test are your results in the outside world.

So what makes your real world experience any less valid than the experience you’d get at a job? Not much.

Jobs Train You For A World That No Longer Exists

In the “old days” you get a job, work at that company until you were given the golden handshake at retirement.

Yet, there are no real “defined benefit pensions” these days (where they guarantee you your income).

Most people who are in jobs will change jobs multiple times in their career – so do you really want to spend your entire life on someone else’s schedule, making someone else rich?

The school system was set up to train people for the industrial revolution. Perhaps you’ve noted the bells ringing, the time clocks, and the stern warnings of Ms Romanuck who screams in your ear “you’re day dreaming – get back to work!” (True story of my 2nd grade teacher). Working at a job is the same thing.

Going to an office or location of some sort on someone else’s schedule and saying yes master to your superiors who decide who much your time is worth is very 19th century. – You can do better.


Building Someone Else’s Dream

If you are working at a job, not only do you have to work your ass of, only getting paid when you are “at Work” but you are really getting the short end of the stick as an employee.

You work so the owners and investors can get rich, but who pays the majority o the taxes – you do! Employee income is the most heavily taxed. If you are an owner paying tax on business income or an investor paying capital gains – these are heavily reduced taxes in most countries.

Certainly if you are in the USA, Canada or other commonwealth type country, you are heavily at a disadvantage as an employee yet you have none of the freedoms that the owners and investors enjoy.


Getting A Job Is Risky Business

Most people believe that starting a business is risky and getting a job is the safe rout.

But if you work for someone else they control your time, your income and can summarily get rid of you at any time – does that sound safe to you? It also only gives you one source of income that can be turned off.

Rich people have multiple streams of income – they don’t have one stream, they have systems and strategies that pay them while they sleep and are usually creating more steams as they go along so if one is turned off, who cares they have 9 more.

Which world would you rather live in?

Having A Boss Is Risky Business

Perhaps you are the sort who likes people and gets along with everyone (I admire that in others) but the fact that there is an individual who has your life in their hands, tells you what to do and when to do it and that person is another flawed human does not sound like a path to follow your joy.

What if your lord and master is actually one of those evil gargoyle sorts who gets off on your working your ass off for peanuts.

why you should never get a jobOr what about the other people – co-slaves you work with who want your job because you get 5 more peanuts per month than them? What about all the relationship drama and politics you have to deal with as a job? Are you having fun yet?

Anything that costs me my peace is too expensive.

Begging for money – Employment Obedience Training

When I want to increase my income I think about what product or recurring billing service I’m going to promote or offer that does not require my time beyond the initial set up. I want to create multiple streams of income and a portfolio of businesses where I only do the work I want to do.

If you are an employee and you want to create more income what do you do? Work harder at the same thing, hoping “the boss” notices and if you are really bold you may “ask for a raise.”

A situation where you have to effectively grovel to someone and try to justify your value and why you “deserve” a raise.

You deserve wealth and abundance by your very existence all you need to do is translate that into value for others and you can have all the cash you want.

Which plan sounds better to you?

Jobs Can Create An Insular Social Life

Many people who work at a job tend to hang out with people in the safe office and industry.

This means you only tend to hang out with the other cell mates who are at your place of work. Then people go home, watch TV and go back to the grind the next day with a plastic smile on their faces.

And what happens when one of your fellows of the ball and chain gets transferred to another master – do you have to start all over trying to find someone else to play with?

Why not have total control and branch out to groups of your conscious choosing that support the path you are on and who are true brothers and sisters instead of inbred cell mates

Lack of Freedom

Life is short. What happens when you are at a job?

Well, assuming you luck out and don’t have a uniform they make you wear to identify you as slave 0120, you’ll still likely have a pile if rules and regulations to follow about when you are allowed to eat, have a coffee, go to the bathroom, take your vacation, show up, leave and the list goes on and on and all for the miniscule wages they think you are worth.

I personally would rather just face the firing squad now than put up with any of that, but it’s your choice

Jobs Are The Death Rattle Of Resourcefulness

When you are an employee and all of your income comes from going to a job where you are told what to do in order to get your crust of bread a couple of times a month, then you start to lack the resourcefulness required to generate the type of real success your soul craves.

reasons to never get a jobIt’s like people who are given vast sums of wealth at birth, many of them go through multiple failed businesses but it’s not a problem because they’ve got more where that came from – there is no hunger that demands the kind of resourcefulness required to create something of lasting value.

Following your bliss requires persistence & resourcefulness in the face of a multitude of challenges that will inevitably arise on your trek down the trail to the happy destiny you so richly deserve.

But if you are stuck in job world of obedience training for humans, it gives you a type of scared cowardice that makes a leap of faith near impossible. Jump off the cliff and the net will appear! When you let fear have a seat at the decision making table of your life you’re in trouble and so are your dreams.

Dying while your music is still in you

This was one of Wayne Dyer’s 10 secrets fo success and inner peace and it is also our 11’th disturbing reason you should never get a job. Days turn into months and months turn into years and it all goes by faster than we imagine.

Getting a job trading time for money on someone else’s schedule, making someone else’s dream a reality is not a path to find your dharma and live a life of unlimited abundance and joy. How many employees running errands for their masters do you know who feel like they are living out their fantasy lives?

You came here for a reason and a purpose that you find by following your bliss and goes well beyond working to pay bills and die. Follow the trail of open doors to your dreams. You see them by your enthusiasms and fondest feelings of joy.

You are worthy beyond verbal description. You can be, do and have anything you want and if you are currently in a job, that’s okay. Acknowledge where you are because it’s okay, but start planting seeds to escape from the rat race and move to the path of freedom.

There are many resources right here on this blog and in our courses and resources section that can help you do just that. Also check out our blog post “How To Change Your Subconscious Money Beliefs.”

Make it happen,


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