How To Change Your Subconscious Money Beliefs For Good

creating new core financial beliefs

Your Unconscious Beliefs Control The Reality You Live In

Is it really that simple? Can changing your core money beliefs really allow you to manifest a new Lamborghini? There is a lot of talk in the self-help Industry about manifesting by altering our belief systems. The problem then becomes how to change our subconscious money beliefs for good or whatever negative belief you may be working on and how important is this anyway?

how to create beliefs in financial abundanceThe core paradigm, which you can think of as a multitude of unconscious habits of thought and action, is that we are not good enough, we don’t deserve, or some other expression of lack of self-love.

Orin & DaBen referred to beliefs as “an assumption about the nature of reality … and because we create what we believe in we will have many “proofs” that our reality operates the way we think it does.”

We live in an energetic universe, but if our subconscious money beliefs have the power to create or to destroy or as William James said “beliefs become the actual fact,” then it would be foolhardy to not give it your conscious attention. .

The power behind mindsets like confidence and certainty for example come from your emotions which are conscious awareness of vibration – energy. Your emotions often stem from your beliefs about yourself and your environment or current circumstances.

You then go out into your world that you’ve constructed in your mind through something in your brain called your RAS (reticular activating system) which filters the thousands of bits of information you could be focusing on into manageable chucks you’ve told yourself are important.

So, if you’re thinking about Lamborghini’s, don’t be surprised if you start seeing some around thanks to your RAS.

This is the foundational structure of your reality. You can think of an idea like a table top and a belief like a table with legs. The legs are the “reference” experiences or reasons why you believe something.

These references are not real in and of themselves. We don’t question our long held beliefs and see the evidence of them everywhere thus reinforcing that it must be true. The emotions you associate with a belief is like the nails bolting your “table legs / references” to the table.

change your money beliefs and your lifeWe think approximately 60,000 thoughts a day, but most of them are the same ones we thought yesterday (and we wonder why everything stays the same).

Your repetitive emotionalized thoughts about your financial situation turn into your money beliefs as you see more evidence for them in your made up reality.

What you want to have are emotionalized beliefs that support what you want to create in your life.

Emotions are energy in motion. This is an energetic universe and energy is what creates – see our article How to finally manifest the money you desire now for more details on this.

How To Discover Your Subconscious Money Beliefs

How do you discover a belief about anything? This can be tricky, but there are several ways to discover what you currently believe about your financial situation or anything else in your life.

Once you have found a limiting money belief, you’ll need to change it to one that supports you. Remember, there is no such thing as truth here. Beliefs are not right or wrong, they are empowering or disempowering. Period. Here’s how to discover your subconscious money beliefs or any other as well:

  1. One way is to write down all of the things you were told as a child about money in our example from peers, parents, teachers etc.
  2. You can also look into a mirror and ask yourself different questions like “my real fear about money is…”
  3. Think about something you want in your life that you don’t have and ask “I’d love to be/have/do X, but I can’t because…”
  4. Actively and consciously question the things you are upset about and ask: what does that mean to me or about me & why is that so bad & or if that is 100% true, why is that so bad?


Next, understand that the meaning you attach to something is the belief that created it. Sit quietly and relax your mind by breathing deeply in through the nose out through the mouth and get in touch with your feelings / energy (remember feelings are conscious awareness of vibration). Where are you upset about your finances? What scares you in this area?

This will tell you where your resistant energy is that needs to be soothed.

For example, I was trying to manifest more clients, but discovered I was relieved when someone would fire me because I attached fear / resistance to taking on any new clients because it meant I’d have to get them results / do work I didn’t want to do.

I started doing more heart aligned business activities and set up the agency in a way that wasn’t as stressful for me and easier to get clients results.

Proven ways to make money onlineAs you tap into where you feel resistance / fear / unpleasant emotions ask yourself for example if this thing I fear is true, what does that say about me? What does that mean? Why is that so bad? You may unearth many beliefs as you go along

Changing Your Subconscious Money Beliefs & Releasing Resistance

Start questioning the validity of this belief. Is this true? Are you 100% certain it’s true? This is something Wayne Dyer talks about in his Excuses Begone book and can also be found in Buddhist literature.

You can’t be 100% certain and your doubt will start to shake the table legs. Determine an empowering alternative. Visualize, sense, feel yourself in the future playing out a scene in which you take the actions that someone who has this new belief would take.

Re-enforce your beliefs as an affirmations with feeling (incantations) using statements you can actually believe. So, not “I am a trillionaire,” for example, but I can now see my income constantly increasing.

You can also use Empowering questions Instead of affirming, which is asking a question that presumes what you want is here e.g. Why is it true that I now find it easy and simple to take on new high paying clients? Why is that true?

As you do this your subconscious will answer it instead of questioning it.

Often when we affirm we affirm things that are clearly not evidenced in our physical reality, our subconscious which operates trillions of commands per second calls bs and nothing happens. Using empowering questions bypasses this problem and help you rewire your subconscious money beliefs.

change your subconscious money beliefsLink massive pain to the old disempowering belief. List out all the reasons they are bs. You may have specific memories that your subconscious is using as references for these beliefs.

Ask yourself what was the earlies time I remember this feeling? What is the memory associated to it?

Imagine a more empowering time and bring this empowering feeling to the presence of the disempowering time. Play out the memory differently in your mind until the memory has flipped.

Proclaim your new money belief to another human being. Do this more than once and start looking for feedback from the world i.e. evidence that your belief is true and soon the universe will mirror back your new confidence with a confirmation of your belief.

You can also do parts work on different aspects of yourself that may be in conflict. This is a good way of releasing resistance. See Teal Swan’s video for how to do this here: – what is parts work and how to do parts work

When your beliefs contradict your desires you will feel negative emotions about it.

This is why it’s worth rooting out any limiting beliefs about money or anything else. Beliefs color our perceptions of reality. They are not right or wrong, good or bad, just empowering and disempowering

Spend some time on this belief clearing.

And remember there are two components to the manifestation process:1. Desire 2. Belief.

generating passive income from homeWhat most people call desire is the feeling (energy) of wanting something they don’t have. That’s not a desire. Feel how awesome it will be when you have the thing you want.

Develop an emotionalized belief aka a conviction in how simple, easy, normal and natural it is for you to have the money you seek because it is who you are and you will permanently change your subconscious money beliefs.

All permanent change is a shift in identity. Identity is a blobal belief about who you are. Who you are is a fluid concept. You can decide now who you want to be. This is one of the best ways to get past stubborn blocks in your manifesting efforts. Start coming u with a description of the type of person you really want to be. This person naturally accomplishes all your goals because it is who they are. Use the techniques taught here to start becoming this person.

Sculpt yourself into the type of person / character for which having what you want is no big deal by using these ideas to change your subconscious beliefs about yourself and money and watch the universe deliver results to you that are even better than you could have imagined.

Make it happen,


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