4 Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet Now

Easy ways to make money

There are many different options available to you to make money on the internet actively as well as passively. In many cases, no specific prior knowledge is necessary.

You just have to invest enough persistence and patience with the right strategy and you can make a lot of money on the internet. Here are 4 of the best ways:

  1. Make Money On The Internet By Selling Your Own Products

One of the best ways tomake a lot of money on the internet is by selling products. This can be books, clothing or electronics. This is also known as e-commerce.

The advantage of the internet is that you can choose from many different sites and don’t necessarily have to open your own shop.

With your own shop you first have to make sure that it receives enough visitors. Instead, you can sell your things on sites that are already known which of course increases the chances of a sale.

==> Shopify

make money on the internet nowThis is a provider that enables you to easily create your own online shop. With just a few simple steps you can insert the products, together with pictures and descriptions.

Therefore you don’t have to understand anything about HTML. Shopify also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing your shop in terms of color, design and structure.

==> Drop shipping

This is a sales method where you don’t sell your own products, but someone else’s, but on your own shop.

The advantage here is that you can sell any product that you can find at third-party stores such as Amazon. The special thing about drop shipping is that you don’t have to take care of the packaging and shipping.

This in turn means that you don’t have to store the products on your own, which saves you a lot of time, space and money. Instead, you link your online shop to a third-party provider that is used for shipping.


Now when someone buys something from you, the person pays you, but then gets the product delivered by the drop ship company you have an arragement with.. Accordingly, you pay the drop ship company fro the drop ship company and pocket the difference. Many large companies use this method.

The most important thing is that you make the shop as appealing as possible and that you get enough visitors. You can also use social media sites to promote your shop.

==> Etsy

Etsy mainly specializes in the sale of handmade goods.

If you make your own t-shirts or your own jewelry, this site is ideal. The advantage is that Etsy is internationally known and has a good reputation.

In addition, several thousands or even millions of people are there every day, so you have a good chance that someone will buy your products too.

2. Make money On The Internet Through Affiliate Marketing

make money online nowThis method of making money is used by many people on the internet, even larger businesses.

Basically, this is about promoting a company, product or service and getting a share of the income from a sale.

One way to do this, for example is you create your own blog and then you decide which products or what type of products you are offering.

Your site can thus concentrate on one area, such as electronics, or on a single product, such as information products.

You can also offer many different things on your site. You then link this to Amazon, for example (if you are an amazon affiliate) so that the purchase is made through that company.

However, if someone came to the site through your page, you will then receive your commission.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is a passive way to make money on the internet. You only have to set up your site and send traffic to it. There is not much to do afterwards. Any questions about the product are directed to the actual product creator and not to you.

You are only offering information about the product on your site so that the probability is increased that many will buy it. In addition to a blog, you can of course also do affiliate marketing through a video, for example on YouTube or on other social networks.

3. Make money On The Internet Through Apps

passive income on the internet nowEspecially for those new to making money on the internet, apps are a great way to get started. There are many different companies that reward you for your work in different ways.

==> Ebates

The process with this app is very simple.

All you have to do is shop and then you will be rewarded for the money you spent.

The important thing is that you use this app (or the page on a laptop) to do your shopping at different shops. You will then receive a small refund for each purchase.

The products do not cost you more than they would cost you without the app. This is made possible by all the advertising that Ebates operates for these shops. Ebates then shares commission it receives from those stores.

==> Lyft and Uber

Typically, these apps are known for making money as a driver or for using a driver’s services. But you can also earn money from home, for example when you find new drivers for these companies.

For each person who subscribes to the app via a special link that refers to you, you will receive a small cash bonus as a thank you. The more people you recruit accordingly, the more money you make.

4. Make Money On the internet Through Online Coaching and Digital Products

profitable online businessNo matter what you’re good at, you can turn your knowledge into money.

The coaching can practically be compared to a teacher. It doesn’t matter whether you are tutoring others in certain subjects or teaching people about marketing and business.

You can prepare courses for this so that you get paid when people download them. Then you can also do live coaching online, for example via Skype. You will then be paid per hour.

Of course, it is important that you have actual knowledge in certain areas, a degree is not always necessary. There are various pages on the internet for this purpose where you can offer your knowledge for sale.

However, if you already have a well-visited blog, for example, you can of course advertise your online coaching or products there too.

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