5 Keys To Start A Money Making Blog

Starting a money making blogging business

You can create a money making blog. Information on the internet is proving to be a successful venture for many today. Blogging, as a form of information-sharing, has been one of the most lucrative platforms for sharing your thoughts on certain topics which could be useful for people.

The best thing about blogging is that you can blog about anything you wish, which would allow you to cover a lot of topics within your target audience’s lives. It is best to be ultra-targeted if you want these posts to ran on Google. I recommend using a service called KW finder to determine what is easier to rank for r not.

People have been searching the internet for information regarding their interests since its inception and many blog about them to ultimately make money.

If you want to learn the 5 keys of how to start a money making blog this article will help guide you through the process of creating a profitable blogging business. .

Your Money Making Blog Theme

One of the recommended approaches to blogging is that the topic you write about or at least the theme of the blog is something in which you are interested.

blogging as a businessThis is not a requirement, but one may say it is one of the more successful approaches out there.

When you take great interest in something, you tend to know more about that subject due to the daily actions or research you already take with your interests.

If you love movies, chances are, you have watched quite a number of them, enabling you to create movie reviews to recommend to your audience. Knowledge in a field always comes naturally when you interact directly with it. That’s what makes it an ideal theme for a blog. The more information you can share, the better.

Apart from the volume of knowledge. there are good chances that you are also capable of bringing in a network of people interested in the field you are blogging about.

In the course of one’s interest, interaction with people with the same interest is a big possibility. Having this kind of advantage would help a blogger increase their viewership and gain more knowledge through the comments at the same time.

When selecting your blog theme, you want to start with the big three overarching niches that actually make money and then go more targeted from there – these are:

  1. Make money online
  2. Health and wellness
  3. Relationships

You will want to sub-niche down from there because it will be next to impossible to rank online unless you do.

Your Money Making Blog Content

Apart from interest, the content being viewed in the blog is the most crucial part of the blog itself, as it is the body of the website. One of the qualities of a good blog post is the ability to pique the audience’s interest.

Creating a profitable Online blog businessCreating an engaging post would encourage the audience to read through the blog content in its entirety. In order to do this, you need to form an image of the content you want to share.

This way, the flow of the paragraphs would be more organized and not scattered. This would make the content more understandable and interactive with the readers.

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are commonly corrected by certain applications such as Microsoft word.

You need to have expert content and phrases in your article. Use phrases the search engines would expect to see in a blog post on your topic. You can get a good idea from Wikipedia in many cases – they are the phrases hyperlinked in blue.

The blog content needs to be of supreme quality – you can’t write crap and think it will get you anywhere.

Make sure your blog posts are media rich with images and videos. The most crucial part in this aspect is the image of the content you want to share. If you have certain problems parsing languages, or creating good sentence flows, this is not that big of a problem.

Ensure the alt text is different for each image, but should relate to your main key phrases or variations thereof.

As long as you have the idea, you could approach writing or proofreading companies to write your content in a more effective manner. Making sure that the blog’s content remains engaging is one of the most essential factors in its success.


Monetizing Your Blog Traffic

Viewership keeps a blog alive. If the content is the heart and soul of the money making blog, the audience could be considered the blood. Increasing your blog traffic is the key to earn money through advertisements or any other monetization strategy. I recommend selling your own products or affiliate products or both and building an e-mail list.

If you are using ads the higher the viewership, the better the pay structure.

There are many ways to increase blog traffic, one of which is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. From the name itself, it involves creating blog posts which contain keywords which people would most likely search about.

how to make money bloggingThe more these keywords are mentioned, the more relevant they appear on search engines, putting them on the top of the list when it comes to search results.

While technically advantageous, there are some who do not approve of SEO blog posts because the overuse of the key words tend to mess up the quality of the content.

Bloggers on this side of the argument tend to use other methods, such as creating topics on other websites such as Reddit or Twitter.

Starting conversations in these sites and posting the blog URL would lead more viewers to the blog page.

This way, more and more people would be able to see the value of the blog. In the long run, loyal audiences would become more engaged with the blog, increasing their interest in the topic.

If you are not an SEO expert, don’t worry, you can get a lot of traffic from sites like Pinterest. See our other post here for more info:16 Super Simple Ways To Make Money On Social Media

One restriction must always be remembered when making moves towards increasing blog viewership: The quality of the content is the priority over short-term viewership.

The Best Platforms For Creating A Winning Blog

The most technical part of blogging is organizing the website itself. Organizing the website itself takes more than just paying for a domain name.

The graphic design, type of domain, and the links associated with the blog would help determine the overall theme of the blog. While it is easy to hire a good graphic artist for good designs, choosing a good website provider may be more difficult.

money making blog lifestyleOne of the most used blog platforms today is WordPress. It allows users to test their blog potential on a free trial basis.

One could also pay certain premiums in case they want to get serious. WordPress is a good platform.

If you cannot afford a good graphic artist, using a premade theme on WordPress is also a good option for starters.

For newbies, I strongly recommend using Divi by Elegant themes. Anther good option is tthe Flatsome theme.

For cashistheanswer.com, I’m currently using the Flatsome theme. If you find the right provider, some theme creators even have customer support hotlines which could help in moments of difficulty.

In creating your platform, the following pages are the minimum requirements for your viewers’ convenience:

  1. Homepage – This features the blog posts of the week, the available blog posts, and the most viewed content for a period of time. This allows viewers to quickly access articles in the blog for easier reference.
  2. About page – This features the main qualities of the page, and its mission and vision.
  3. Contact page – having a contact page to display a business telephone number if applicable and the business email would enable interested parties to contact the blogger.
  4. Privacy Policy and Licenses page – this page features the statutory requirements and policies of the page.


Money Streams – Monetizing Your Blog

Once the basic requirements are met, you need to start posting on the blog and gain some audience. If the blog traffic reaches about at least 20 posts and 10,000 views, you can start looking for money streams on the page. The following are some of the basic money streams which could increase your income as the blog grows.

  1. Advertisements – Once you have the necessary blog traffic, advertising through advertising firms would be feasible. Adsense is one of the most popular, and most lucrative ad sources your blog can have, as long as you have the necessary traffic for it – Media Vine is another option that pays more than AdSense if it make sense for you blog.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – selling other peoples products for a commission (often 50 – 75%) is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to monetize your blog, rather than just agreeing to terms on AdSense. Put a header on your blog that acts as a lead capture form and sell your products to your list and or put banners in blog posts as well
  3. Services – if you have any special skills related to the blog, you can start making money on these skills by advertising your services on the blog.
  4. Products/Online selling – You can also sell products online, but it would be recommended if these personally advertised products are related to the blog topic. This is much like selling affiliate products except you keep all the money and can get affiliate working for you.
  5. Sponsorships – If the blog gets popular enough, it may start attracting brand sponsorships. These involve large amounts of money, but these come around less often than the others. You can start approaching companies for sponsorships if you have the confidence to do so. Once some sponsorships rise, others may follow. If your blog is a popular one and gets good traffic people may approach you for Guest posting which you can charge for.

Monetizing blogs does not happen overnight. You have to invest time and effort, along with unwavering dedication to the job. It all depends on you. It’s your turn to make a change.

Make it Happen,


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