How To Finally Manifest The Money You Desire Now

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So you want to learn how to finally manifest the money you desire now…for the most part you have been fed a load of bs when it comes to manifesting your reality and the law of attraction. I’m not interested in what the law of attraction & manifesting “industry” tells me is supposed to work, I’m interested in what I need to do to see the Rolls Royce in the driveway.

I’m sure you are the same. If you are like me you’ve invested a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to “create your own reality” now. In fact I’ve spent over 3 decades and several hundred thousand dollars in the pursuit.

I am counting my overall “personal development” or character sculpting as I’m calling it lately in this mix, but the overall goal is the same –

the secret law of attractionwhich is to be fabulously wealthy in every sense of the word. I’ve successfully manifested large sums of money that came out of nowhere in the exact proportion I desired as well as ideal romantic partners that matched my descriptions down to a tee.

I’ve also had a lot of mistakes or learning experiences as I prefer to call them.

I’m never afraid to screw up.

It is the secret to success in anything you want in life – massive failure. I’ve seen those fortunes and romantic partners arrive, experienced the bliss of them and then also watched them depart and been left in a worse position than before.

And so my goal here is to spare you the learning curve and just tell you what works and what you need to do – sound fair?

Manifest The Money You Desire: Identity & Belief – Everything Is Energy

All permanent change is a shift in identity. We don’t create something that wasn’t there or pull it towards us.

We have to be it before we can see it. And so as the standard industry advice goes we need to change our limiting beliefs around money to attract it. Is that true? From my 3 decades the answer is sort of.

At the core of all permanent transformation is a shift in identity – a shift of who we are.

So, I say sort of because a belief is an assumption about the nature of reality caused by your continual thinking of the same thoughts as well as the meaning you attach to reference experiences and as Orin & DaBen would say “because you create what you believe in you will have many “proofs” that your reality operates the way you think it does” because the evidence that you are correct is all you will see.

manifest your own realityThis is called a confirmation bias. There are however rich people who also have shitty beliefs about money like it doesn’t grow on trees and it’s the result of hard work or some such nonsense – Robin Leech interviewed more rich people than anyone in history and he said the richest people he met he’s never seen them working.

You can have whatever you desire and are certain is normal for you.

If you want to create anything in your experience, including the ability to manifest the money you desire, I find it better to work on this at an energy level rather than trying to figure out what all your lousy beliefs are – you will find them along the way as well if you follow the process I’ll discuss.

Everything Is Energy

As the famous Einstein calculation goes E=MC2 Energy = matter X the speed of light squared, which means that everything in the manifest universe is energy including matter which is light energy slowed down to the point where it can be perceived.

And as we look at the particles that make up a table, a tree or you we find that the atoms are not solid, the particles are not solid, the nucleus is not sold and the distance between these particles that flit in and out of existence (literally) is the distance between the stars – you and everything else is made of No-Thing.

Quantum physics also tells us that this is a holographic universe which means that the whole is contained in every part – so you don’t have to send anything or move anything anywhere.

how to manifest anything - law of attraction

The Field or Divine Matrix as its sometimes called is a container for everything in existence. People think of it as somewhere else just as they think of their desires as being something apart from them.

Consider the Field as being like the ocean and you are a fish. It’s not somewhere else. It’s in your fingernail – everything is energy and nothing is separate from you.

The law of attraction or mirroring is a function of magnetism and is a construct of this universe. Like attracts like. So if we accept the idea that everything is energy what does this mean and how do we use it?

You are a powerful creator and the universe or whatever term you’d like to use wants your highest good. In fact, what you want wants you more.

So how do we “let it in” so to speak?

You need to take possession of what you desire internally and you will see it reflected on the outside. Now before you jump up from your chair and say you heard something like this before and your still broke, stay with me, this works.

The problem is that people will do thousands of affirmations, but your subconscious which processes 500 trillion commands a second looks around at your circumstances calls bs and moves on.

How To Finally Manifest The Money You Desire Now


  1. Create The Frequency of Wealth – Match the feeling of the fantasy fulfilled. Your Feelings are energy. Actually your feelings are conscious awareness of vibration.
  2. Release your resistance. I’ll make this simple. Resistance is a counterforce of energy, which basically means it’s another conflicting feeling, belief & accompanying lousy thoughts. Make it no big deal. Make the accomplishment of your desire not only something you deserve and can have, but you need to be as certain that you can accomplish your goal as you are that you can make toast. Make it seem boring, easy, simple, no big deal. If you think having money is a big deal, that’s why you don’t have it. Rich people don’t sit around thinking wholly shit, I can’t believe I have all this money – that’s the vibe of wanting, not having.
  3. Infuse desire into your intentions. Most people’s idea of desire is the feeling of wanting something you don’t have. That’s called lack. It needs to be a pure desire. Think about why you want this and the joy it brings
  4. Follow the trail of open doors. This is following the path with a heart and taking inspired actions
  5. Jump off the cliff and the net will appear. You need to get out of your own way and open up your mind to miracles, synchronicities. Your good will frequently not come to you the way you imagine, but it will often be better and come in an unexpected way. Expect miracles.

Re-Making Reality Now – Tools of Manifestation

So how do you go about doing these 5 things. Let’s discuss:

Key #1 To Finally Manifest The Money You Desire: Create the Frequency of Wealth

Get clear on the essence of what you want. Where is the path with a heart? What do you really want?

What do you naturally feel enthusiastic about? Your dreams are real. Get in touch with your true desires. You can pick a specific amount or for example a business outcome.

Embody the emotion of the experience as if it’s already here. Let the feeling of plenty come into your body. You can also practice wearing larger and larger sums of money until they feel like having them is simple, no big deal, easy normal and natural to have.

It’s the feeling that the accomplishment of your goal is no big deal, simple, easy normal and natural that is important. How is unimportant – the way will be shown.

Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the circumstances you wish to live. Where are you? What is around you? Who are you with? What are you doing? See yourself performing the day to day actions you’d take when it’s all done. This is thinking of cooking instead of the completed meal.

Cooking leads to the completed meal, but the associated action steps to get there are frequently easier to imagine as done.

Key #2 To Finally Manifest The Money You Desire: Releasing Resistance With The Law of Attraction – Making It No Big Deal

As Steve Pavlina would say, “If you think having money is a big deal, that’s why you don’t have it.” It must seem boringly normal. A routine part of your life. That doesn’t mean you don’t have enthusiasm for it.

Don’t force any of this. Inside the emotion of abundance there is no struggle only flow.

Remember, if we live in a holographic universe and everything is energy then everything you want is already here you just need to let It in emotionally (energetically). To manifest the money you desire now you need to create the frequency of abundance inside your body.

Ways to create the frequency of abundance and release resistance:

how to manifest money nowVisualization:

Visualize your new scene every day emphasizing the things you’d be doing and how that feels once it’s done.

Cultivate a feeling that the creation of this new reality is no big deal, easy, simple normal and natural, but stand on the brink of what is coming with eager, optimistic enthusiasm.

Also, use your visualizations to get clearer on where your path with a heart is. Where is the path of most joy, love and light? You will tell by how you feel as you think of and visualize different outcomes.


One way of doing this is to use guided meditations. There are many good ones out there; just do a Google search. There is a lot more info on what is called the quantum creation process in the source hacker training which you can check out here. Also, Teal Swan & Brian Ridgeway have excellent ones for creating the frequency of abundance, but there are others or you don’t need to use a guided meditation at all. What you are trying to do is teach your brain and cells that the feeling of abundance is normal – make this your default.

Find a role model, someone who already has the result you want. How do they feel about this thing you think is a big deal? Put yourself in their shoes – literally – imagine yourself as if you were them conducting a normal part of your day in this new reality or just imagine touching their heart and feel the vibe. Now bring that into your own body.


Affirmations | Incantations – an Incantation is essentially an affirmation that is infused with emotion in your body – you feel it.. I call this process Vibrational Amplifiers. Here’s how it works. Most people just recite words, but a thought with no emotion has no power and typically when we recite things we don’t believe our subconscious just calls bs and nothing happens. Here’s what you do to make it work:

Realize that these incantations are there as a tool to amplify the vibration that you already have going on inside your body or as an aid to help you get to that state; they do not create in and of themselves.

Look at your incantations and create the feeling either by visualizing or just imagining a scenario happening now where you’d be living out the life you want that this incantation represents. When you are feeling the vibe already – then do your incantations with feeling as an aid to amplify this vibration.

Carry $500 cash in your wallet or purse. Smell it (alone of course). Mentally spend it and more all day long. To manifest the money you desire you must make it routine and normal part of your life – something you expect like breathing

Make sure your environment is clean & clear of clutter. Have things around you that to you vibrate on a high, creative frequency. Do not have rusted appliances in the back yard for that screams no abundance here.

Key #3 To Finally Manifesting Money Now: Infusing Desire Into Your Creations

Get in touch with your burning desires for the life you want to manifest

Get in touch emotionally with your desire for this thing. Not the wanting of it, but how awesome it will be when it’s here and couple this with a knowing of how simple, boring, easy, and routine it will be to accomplish.

There will always be effort, but it should seem like something you are quite capable of doing. It should feel about as difficult as making toast.

If you just create the vibe that it’s no big deal you run the risk of not having enough force of desire to manifest what you want. You will be in effect offering confusing instructions to the universe / source / simulation or whatever you prefer to call it.

The no big deal aspect of this does not mean you don’t have enthusiasm for the outcome. You still need to have the force of intention behind your desire and follow your inspired actions knowing that this or something better is at hand

Key #4 to Finally Manifesting The Money You Desire: Follow The Trail of Open Doors

creating wealth strategyIf you have spent some time molding your feelings energy to match that of your desires you will want to catch yourself when you sink back into I am a loser thinking / feeling and realize that the universe is abundant and it has your highest good in mind.

Do whatever you need to do to change your state. Go for a walk, have a bath, have sex, do a meditation (or meditation with happy ending…)

Following the trail of open doors means following your inspired actions. You need to be on the path before the way will be shown or in this case walking down the corridor before the door will open.

You can tell the way to go because it is what you are naturally drawn to. It is what you feel passionate and enthusiastic about. A list of “should” does not come from your soul.

Stop thinking about what you think you can do and ask what you really want. Where is the path with a heat? Follow your bliss as Joseph Campbell would say.

Key #5 To Finally Manifesting The Money You Desire: When You Jump Off The Cliff The Net Will Appear

This essentially means to let go and let God/Universe/Source. It is the next step once you are following your trail of enthusiasms (En Theos – the God within or full of God in Greek).

“Once you realize that all comes from within, that the world in which you live is not projected onto you but BY you, your fear comes to an end … In my world nothing ever goes wrong.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

You need to stop worrying about how something will happen and trust that what is coming is not only for your higher good, but that when you trust in the universe to deliver and you make the space in your life for your good energetically (feeling of readiness) and trust that not only are good things supposed to happen to you, but that the things that are coming to you are better than you could have planned.

So, stop doing mundane shit that just pays the bills and instead develop and market the talent that lies within you so you can live your fantasy life ad you were destined to do. There are a lot f resources on this blog, on our courses and resources section and if you opt into our list I’ll send you more ongoing.

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