Logic Is For Losers – The 5 Ways Logic Will Destroy Your Success

Logic is for losers.

How can this be? Isn’t logic and our higher reasoning faculties what separates us from the animals?

Isn’t logic and reasoning the key factor in our ability to rise from a caved dwelling creature huddled over a fire to conquer (or perhaps massacre would be a more appropriate term) the entire planet?

Logic can be an asset if you want to unemotionally assess a situation or figure out the solution to everyday problems.

If, for example, you are a logical buyer and need 47 notarized reviews and blood samples of the product creator before you make a purchase …knock yourself out – you will miss out on opportunities though…

However, the greater danger is that making decisions about what’s possible for you based on logic or what you think you can do can be the death rattle for living an extraordinary life of joy, fulfillment and squeezing the juice out of the exquisite life you were born to experience.

So, if you’d rather be the creator of your life and manifest your destiny rather than being the passing observer of your circumstances consider the following:

1. Logic Keeps You Stuck In What You Think You Can Do.

This is a hard lesson and one I’ve struggled with.

Thoreau said “If we advance confidently in the direction of our dreams and endeavor to live the life we have imagined, we will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

“Common hours” is a code phrase for the way the masses think. If you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else has got.

He also talks about “endeavoring to live the life you have imagined.”

Imagination allows us to peer beyond what we think is possible into the realm of possibility rather than mere logic. When I was in business school, I studied business management.

After graduation, like most o the herd, I looked around at my “job prospects” and eventually fell into a gig that was 100% commission with a financial planning company.

Although it had its advantages, it wasn’t something that stirred my soul and I was about as suited to all the cold calling they wanted me to do as I would have been to fly to the moon.

So, I eventually bailed on this, but only after years in the trenches doing something that was undermining my ultimate calling all in the name of trying to do something practical instead of magical.

If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.

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2. Logic Robs Your Life Of The Miraculous.

When we stick to making our life decisions about what we think we can have and experience in life based on logic, we shut off our connection to the super conscious mind that can deliver us the people, resources and synchronicities that abound when we are on our higher path in pursuit of a worthy dream.

All too often we look around at what we think we can do and determining that what we may really want to do is a pipe dream we abandon even the possibility for what we deem to be a safer path.

Life is short. You’re going to die anyway. That person you want to talk to but are afraid to is probably hoping you’ll talk to them.

I have a saying, when you jump off the cliff, the net will appear. This requires a fundamental trust in both yourself and the universe at large or whatever you’d like to call it.

Einstein said the most fundamental question we need to answer is whether “this is a friendly universe or not.”

And so the key question is: What would I really like to do? What would be fantasy life look like if there were no limits?

3 Logic Kills Your Creativity.

When we only go for what we perceive to be the safe route and ignore the longing and discontent of our soul for a more boring “realistic” society approved goal we shut the gateway to our infinite creativity shut with a clang.

Some studies on the brain indicate we only use a small fraction of our capability (we’re saving the rest for some other good purpose I suppose) and if you believe as I do that we are connected to the infinite intelligence of the universe / collective unconscious / the divine matrix of the quantum field permeated by our super conscious (or whatever you’d like to call it, but you get the point) then that can only come about from a receptive allowing state of mind that is open to all possibilities.

As the Buddha said “What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.”

4. Going Logical Undermines Our Confidence

For 300 years science (mostly based on Newton and Descartes) told us we were separate from our world.

In this model of reality, what happened in one pace has no bearing on what happened elsewhere. Today we are continually reminded by quantum physics and metaphysical teachers alike that we are in fact connected to all of life.

We know today that we are not separate, we are in fact connected to everything and that we have a direct influence on the world around us.


When we go logical, or go Newtonian as I call it, we actually undermine our confidence in ourselves because we base our decisions on practical, realistic assessments of our capacity that dissuade us from taking the vary risks necessary to experience the exquisite masterpiece your life was meant to be.

Going logical or going Newtonian where we live at the mercy of cause and effect rather than being the ones who are causing an effect, we embrace the mindset of fear and scarcity.

When we let fear have a seat at the decision making tables of our lives we are in trouble. But when we take the leap and find out as I have many times that the universe has our back we develop the vary confidence we need to live out our dreams instead of managing our circumstances.

5. Logic Is The Father Of Excusitis.

Excusitis is an inflammation of the excuse making glad which is ultimately fatal to success as told to me by Brian Tracy.

Logic provides a plethora of alibis for not living out your fantasy life and succumbing to the doldrums existence of the half lived life.

When we go logical and make our decisions about what we can be, do or have based on logic we will quickly see thousands of examples and mountains of evidence that what we really want in life is simply not possible, too hard, unrealistic and that we had better stay in our comfortable prisons rather than take any risks.

Listen, I’ve failed in business countless times, I’ve been at deaths door, I’ve lost two marriages, I’ve blown through mountains of cash on my “education” and spent years wondering if this was the month I was going to be evicted for non-payment of rent, but when you are an entrepreneur you are like a “Gladiator” as Tony Robbins once said.

Every time the Gladiator gets in the arena there‘s a good chance of getting the prize or getting slaughtered and yet the he gets back up and does it all over again.

Maybe that’s not for you, but every failure has just brought me closer to my highest version of myself and to my ultimate calling. I would always prefer to fail forward to power and freedom than fall back to security and safety.

If you’ve ever heard the voices in your head give you all the logical reasons you shouldn’t or can’t live your fantasy life, those are the voices of your inner critic – they don’t make statues of critics!

And so logic is truly for losers.

It is the surest way to keep you stuck in what you think you can do rather than what you are truly capable of. It bolts shut the possibility of the miraculous in your life and makes synchronicities an improbability.

Going logical kills your infinite creativity, undermines your confidence and is the father of a myriad of excuses which are guaranteed to keep you imprisoned in a life of mediocrity – something if your reading this blog all this way I’m quite sure you don’t want.

Use logic to solve every day mundane problems, not as a means to decide on what is possible for your life.

You deserve to live out your wildest dreams.

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Make it happen,

Liam S Maynard

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