Top 20 Simple Hacks for Getting More Social Media Traffic

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There is no doubt about the fact that a strategy to utilize social media traffic is imperative when it comes to achieving success in online marketing.

However, you will come across lots of minor hacks and tweaks that are neglected by many folks at present in spite of their ability to increase your social traffic effectively with only a couple of clicks.

Although in case you are ignorant of these trivial things your marketing technique won’t be incorrect by any means, it might still not be feasible for you to observe any growth in the social traffic as desired by you.

Below, we have mentioned some effective hacks and tweaks that can help you in traffic generation to a great extent.

1. Make Compelling Headlines On All Social Media Posts and Ads

It might be the fact that you have come across a particular content that attracts you, but you are of the notion that the headline should have been somewhat better. Probably it is not the case since if the headline would have been boring you would not have clicked to open the content whatsoever.

And this is usually the issue when it comes to headlines. They do not usually attract the attention of the social audience to click them. Thus, headlines can play an important role in either making or spoiling your marketing effort.

Fortunately, there are several headline formulas out there which are going to deliver the goods in the long run.

2. Make use of Facebook Groups

Sometimes it appears to me that everybody on the planet has got his Facebook Fan page. However, in case you happen to be a beginner in this industry, you will find it is very difficult to get fans for your Facebook Fanpage and also obtain traffic from it free of cost. However, a huge traffic opportunity is lying ahead of you which you need to grab. Facebook groups.

Make it a point to research targeted groups from your personal niche. Be careful regarding the rules of promoting content and start communicating with the group while bringing your content whenever possible into the discussion.

Although you will come across several groups which will enable you to obtain shares, these are not recommended whatsoever. Instead, make it a point to emphasize targeted groups from your personal niche.

3. LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are going to work somewhat differently from Facebook groups.

Nevertheless, they will likewise provide you with lucrative opportunities. In case it is feasible to start a discussion in the form of comments on any link to your content which was shared by you, it will help you to get substantial traffic in the long run.

4. Make use of Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest happens to be the social network which is actually a search engine rather than a genuine social network. Many more factors are considered by Pinterest’s smart feed apart from how many followers you have got.

However, followers nevertheless matter a lot and it is advisable to have plenty of them so as to get adequate traffic in the long run. The solution to this issue will be to join the group boards which can boast of having their personal audience.

In case any group board is pinned by you, the audience will probably be that board’s followers thus increasing your overall number of followers too.

5. Pin More

In case you are not active on any particular social network for a significant amount of time, there is no need to worry about your account getting deactivated. You will come across several tools on the market for keeping your account active, and when it comes to Pinterest, the tool for scheduling more pins happens to be Tailwind.

6. Pin regularly

Simply doubling the number of pins every day which you are posting to Pinterest is not going to be enough. In fact, the particular time when you are pinning might not be the most vital factor behind the effective functioning of the Pinterest smart feed; however, it is nevertheless essential to remain active and post a number of times every day without fail. Again,

Tailwind might be your solution for getting the job done flawlessly.

7. Tweet more frequently

Many people don’t understand the fact that only one tweet will not be adequate for providing you will all the traffic you need from Twitter. It is actually the total number of clicks which you get for all your Tweets that will provide you with significant traffic in the long run.

8. Create an increasing number of targeted content to generate social media traffic

It might appear in your mind what content should you be posting to get higher social media traffic? The solution to this can be Curated content. However, although curated content can help you to increase your audience, you cannot achieve your objective without posting adequate content whatsoever.

For this, the best content is going to be evergreen content which will stay there for quite some time. Refrain from posting news content since it won’t hang around for more than a few days.

9. Post other Accounts’ mentions

While posting the contents of other people on your own social account, always let them know about it. For this, you can mention their Facebook Fanpage or Twitter handle in the post. This will make many of them to like the post or share it as well. This will aid you to expand the reach of your personal social media accounts as well as posts.

10. Use your guest posts Writing guest posts will help you to obtain links, allow you to reach a fresh audience, grow the audience, and so forth.

You will be capable of increasing your followers in no time as well. Do not forget to mention your personal social networking account in the guest author bio.

11. Provide imageries

You will need more social shares so as to get more social media traffic. Social shares can be obtained in those social networks where you have provided images in the correct format.

In case you would like your post to show up on Facebook, it will not be feasible without an image. Even if it does happen, you will not get much attention on Facebook without a proper image.

12. Be active where you would like the content to make an appearance

On many occasions, businessmen and bloggers have complained about the fact that their content has not been shared on social media. The answer to this is simple: these people were not active on social media.

In case you want your content to be tweeted, it will be a sensible idea to build your targeted audience in Tweeter and then tweet your personal content; others are going to follow you and also tweet your content as well.

13. Make use of your content several times to get higher social media traffic

After sharing your content on the social channels, make it a point to share it repeatedly. Also, share other stuff in between instead of sharing it in a row. Different texts ought to be used in your posts. In case you don’t repeat your posts on Pinterest and Twitter plus other networks, you are going to miss out. These networks want more and more of your posts and your content deserves more attention too.

14. Build a social media audience actively

In case you are still waiting for some of your followers to come across your social accounts, the fact is that you only have a small audience, and it will not be possible for your accounts to become popular all of a sudden in case they are not promoted. Groups will a sensible idea for promoting your accounts, and guest posts will be the other.

Engaging with the posts of other individuals with comments, likes, and shares will also be effectual.

15. Syndicate your outdated social media content

Perhaps you sometimes feel that your content does not get proper attention.

However, considering syndicating it to a second outlet will be your solution in this case. Republishing a slightly different version of the content on Quora, LinkedIn, and other platforms will prove to be effective in this case.

It will aid you in providing your outdated content with some fresh attention after all. For this, you can alter the introductory paragraph of the content, link your brand new Medium account to your personal Twitter account, make use of keywords, tags, as well as hashtags to make certain that your content on LinkedIn and Quora is found by your target audience, and so on.

16. Emphasize on several networks only

It is not known to many of us regarding which networks are going to be effective for us. Many of us try to remain active in every social network without getting even one of them right.

However, it will not give you much traffic in any case. Instead, make it a point to focus on 2 or 3 social media networks to get the best results.

17. Emphasize on distribution

After having some content, you should focus on content distribution and minimizing your time for creating fresh content. The reason for this is that your content will not provide you with sufficient traffic in case you don’t distribute it properly.

Pay attention to content promotion given that it is one of the most crucial aspects of your marketing technique.

18. Try something innovative

On some occasions, marketers and bloggers try to imitate what has worked for other marketers and bloggers in the past. Although this may be effective, the strategies might be quite outdated as well.

The effective solution will be to try out new things. Try something innovative. Do something apart from marketing. Find out a method for measuring your success. If it fails to deliver the goods, try something else!

19. Try to be different

Make it a point to learn from others. Try to be unique given that everybody likes something different. Take them by surprise and this will help you to stay ahead in the competition.

20. Don’t be scared to have a voice

In case you feel that something is not correct, do not be intimidated to point it out on social media. While having a voice will provide you with a lot of traffic, remaining quiet won’t be effective on most occasions.

However, keep in mind the common regulations of human interaction while shouting on the social network.

Conclusion: There are lots of ways to be successful in generating traffic on social media. Finding innovative ways to get to a bigger audience is always a good idea given that traffic generation on social media happens to be an evolving procedure.

Always go on learning, tweaking and also optimizing your process. This will definitely allow your traffic to grow!

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