Tube Ads Academy Review

You can’t watch a You Tube video without seeing the ads that pop up over top of them. Perhaps you just find them annoying, but every once in a while one of them will capture your attention and you’ll watch longer, maybe even signing up for a free training webinar to see what it’s all about. Today we’re going to dissectJon Penberthy’s Tube Ads Academy.

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Welcome to you tube ads! Most people have no idea how profitable those annoying ads can be… And while everyone and their dog is on Facebook (at least as far as most online advertisers go) Facebook has a problem. There is an ever increasing demand amongadvertisers for space on the platform, but alas Facebook only has so much inventory (ad space). What could possibly be the result? Yup, you guessed it good old supply and demand – ads on Facebook are going to become more expensive.

You tube on the other hand does not have this problem. The inventory in this case are the videos uploaded to the platform – and wait for it – there are 60 hours of video content uploaded every minute. That means You Tube has a virtually inexhaustible supply of ad space – which means – not only is You Tube just as targeted as Facebook – it can be a whole lot cheaper!

So if you are an online marketer of any kind be it coach, expert, course creator affiliate marketer or even a brick and mortar business – you are burning money if you’re not taking advantage of the You Tube gold mine.

What is Tube Ads Academy?

Jon Penberthy tube ads academyTube ads academy is an in depth training program that takes you by the hand and walks you through everything you need to know step by step with over the shoulder videos and guides. It was created for business owners to create, launch and scale profitable you tube ad campaigns in the shortest time possible with least trial and error effort. It was designed to get you cheap leads and sales whatever your business may be.

TAA is a 7 module course with bonuses that walks you through setting up your Google account to run you tube ads, creating the perfect landing page including a detailed training on copywriting (selling by use of the written word), how to create winning you tube ads with least effort, finding your dream customers, how to evaluate the performance of your ads in an easy to understand manner so you can run with the winners and cut the losers and how to scale your Ad campaigns for a small budget to many thousands per day if you wish using the profits you make from your campaigns.

What’s inside Tube Ads Academy

Here’s what you get inside TAA:

  1. 7-Module Training Program
  2. Detailed Execution plans
  3. Private student only Facebook Group
  4. 8 live coaching calls
  5. Training vault of past calls
  6. Bonuses:
  7. Creating your money machine – profitable sales funnel training
  8. Remarketing magic
  9. Done for you video scripts
  10. Tom Breeze (master you tube ads manager) Training
  11. Network marketing takeover training
  12. Access to the affiliate program

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Who created Tube Ads Academy

TAA was created by Jon Penberthy who was an internet millionaire by the age of 22. He started his online marketing journey squeezing in time at the computer in between a grueling job as a chef and taught himself how to make money online using organic SEO you tube strategies for affiliate marketing and network marketing. His results exploded when he started using paid ads for his own products with his partner Jabril Agoro and their Facebook ads training. He then continued to scale his marketing education company to teach a variety of subjects. Jon and his team first mastered the use of you tube ads for his own company initially called frontline marketer now Ad where they offer high end coaching to help experts coaches and course creators create and scale their businesses largely using You Tube Ads.

youtube ads training

How much does Tube Ads Academy cost

TAA is a $997 USD course. This is a onetime payment and there are no annoying upsells after you secure your copy.

What’s to like and what’s the catch with Tube Ads Academy?

How to Make money with You TubeWhat I like about it is that it is a detailed course created by someone who has clearly mastered you tube ads using his own money and the hard work of himself and his team. This course is simple to understand. The videos are detailed but easy to implement. If you take the time to go through the course and use what you’ve learned it will put you on the surest path possible to get results for your business from you tube ads.

What’s the catch? The course does cost $997 usd so you’ll need to be prepared to pay that and also put aside some money at least a few hundred dollars for ad spend. You’ll also need to actually go through the course material of which there is a ton and be familiar with it.

Concussion: I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to master you tube ads. Sure you can scour the internet for videos about how to set up a you tube ad, but you won’t get the benefit of a you tube master and self-made internet millionaire to guide you through the process and avoid the numerous mistakes that lurk on the other side of trying to go it alone

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There s a lot of valuable information in the free masterclass, but if you decide to go deeper as I did, send me a copy of your receipt to: and I’ll send you our training series on ranking videos on YouTube. Here’s how to claim your bonus:

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  2. Watch the masterclass
  3. Sign up for Tube Ads Academy through my link
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  5. Once I confirm you purchased through our link I’ll send you the free YouTube SEO training

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