17 Powerful Ways To Get Massive Traffic Online

ways to generate traffic online

Every blog or website owner has the same concern, we all want to know how to get free traffic to our website, but there is so much competition out there that it’s hard not to get discouraged. How do you make your site get spotlighted and get noticed? Here we’re going to discuss 17 killer ways to get a ton of free traffic online to your website.

When I first started blogging, I spent the first several weeks writing heaps of articles and hoping against hope that Google, Bing, or Yahoo would somehow manage to find my site and rank it up there with the best.

generating website trafficI was aware that Google can take as long as an entire year to become aware of a new item from a brand new blog, but I was still looking for some great miracle to happen. Not really a smart move, but I didn’t know what else to do except pray or make a burnt offering to the gods of blogs and writing.

After a month passed with few results, I opted to seek out other resources from where I could send traffic to my blog and I lucked out and discovered a bunch of them. Now, it’s still only my 2nd month blogging and I have already generated more than 10,000 pageviews using some of these methods. What do you know, a miracle did happen after all!

Here are the methods I used to become successful, and I’m absolutely sure they will help you too.

Free Traffic Online Strategy 1: Write About What People Are Interested In

Remember that the blog you’re writing isn’t for you, so you can’t just write about what interests you, you have to write about what is going to capture the interest of the general public.

On my former blog, which failed, I used to write blog posts randomly and put them up not concerned with whether or not people would actually want to read them. After all, if it was interesting to me, I just naturally assumed other people would feel the same way. Wrong!

While brainstorming for blog post ideas you need to tell yourself that “it’s not for you its for them” so you should write articles that will focus on the interests of your readers and potential readers.

There are numerous free and paid tools that you can access if you want to learn what topics people are searching for. The two top ones that I recommend are Google Keyword Planner and Buzzsumo.com.

Google Keyword Planner takes your keyword (blog post idea) and shows the amount of searches for it, and Buzzsumo exactly how many shares similar content has gotten so you can decide if you should go ahead and write about it or not. Both of these tools provide you with insight on search engines and social media which are the two methods that drive the largest amount of traffic to your blog.

Online Traffic Strategy 2: Unique Headline

When writing your blog post, come up with an idea that’s different and let your headline reflect that. One of the reasons you need to do this is that if you are considering writing a blog post on a topic which rates high in the search engines, most likely hundreds or even thousands of people have done it before you.

If you want to catch the eye of potential readers, then you need a title that’s going to reach out and grab them and make them want to click on and read your article, not just another ordinary, ho-hum title.

For example: Rather than writing a plain title like, “5 Best Shoes For Summer” you should write something like, “Top 5 Shoes That Will Make You Look Fantastic In Summer.”

The whole concept behind writing snappy headlines is to get people to wonder about what’s inside.

Online Traffic Strategy 3: Pinterest

generating massive online website trafficThere’s no way that Pinterest isn’t my best free traffic online referral site and they send me quite a large amount of traffic. It is a great site, far more than just a social media site.

In its own way, it’s similar to a search engine because when you visit Pinterest you frequently search for things and pin them rather than sending messages out to strangers.

In order to get a lot of traffic from Pinterest you have to make your pin viral by utilizing some SEO methods, like using relevant keywords and posting to lots of Group boards, and some other tricks too.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that its traffic isn’t a one time only deal like it is with Facebook. You can expect to receive traffic from Pinterest for months before it gradually trails off.

Online Traffic Strategy 4: Facebook Groups

Next in my list of top traffic referrals is Facebook, and that’s due to its groups. There are lots of large Facebook groups that you can join and post your link to, but the best method to utilize Facebook groups is to create a relationship of trust with the group administrator.

For instance, if you are writing an article called, “Top 5 Shoes That Will Make You Look Your Best In Summer,” you could hook up with a fashion-related group and consult the administrator about his or her thoughts concerning the topic.

If they decide to share tips and ideas with you, you can place them in your article and send it to the group administrator. In exchange, they will share your post with the group, or even pin it to the top of the list so that you end up receiving more traffic.

The great thing about this is that normally an article that’s shared by the administrator receives a lot more attention than that of any other group member.

Online Traffic Strategy 5: Twitter

Since Twitter has more than 336 million monthly active users, and it also ranks among the top 10 websites the world over, it would be rather foolish not to use their resources.

There are a variety of ways you can utilize Twitter to get traffic to your blog, such as using #Hashtags, tweeting 10-15 times daily, and tagging other people you may have named in your post to receive more exposure.

The best way by far, however, is when people share the content from your website with their Twitter followers. This is easily accomplished by using a plugin called Click to Tweet.

It is a fabulous Twitter sharing plugin that will allow you to put your tweets in between your content so that if anyone who sees them wants to share the content of your blog with others on Twitter, they can do it using just one click.

Online Traffic Strategy 6: YouTube

YouTube has made it to number 2 on the list of both search engines and social media. All you have to do to get free traffic online here is to make a really good video pertaining to your chosen topic and post it on YouTube. I will say that it is rather hard to get into the top rankings with your keywords or tags, but it’s worth the effort.

Moreover, YouTube could put your video in the Suggested section below and if you got lots of clicks there, that would send you soaring to the top of the search engine rankings. Then you would be able to drive traffic to your website or landing page without any trouble.


Online Traffic Strategy 7: Request That Other Bloggers Share Your Content

Once you’ve written a blog post and begun to see a lot of traffic heading to it after just several days, then you know it’s a great piece worth sharing.

You could request that other bloggers or social media users with huge followings share your content with their followers. Don’t worry. It’s how things are done if you want your site to be a success.

Another excellent way to find other influencers in your niche is to go to Buzzsumo and search a topic close to your niche. You will see a list of most shared articles come up and should find a link there called View shares.

Click it and you will see the name of every person who shared that article and then all you need to do is review them and see who has the largest following.

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Once you find someone that meets your needs, then just ask them to share your content via email. You will be sending a lot of emails, and not everyone will share your post, but it’s still worth doing.

Using this method is very effective because you benefit in many ways. You get more shares, which leads to more traffic, and Google will begin to recognize you.

The best advantage of all is that you get to know your fellow bloggers and learn from them, and then you will be able to set up a network of blogging friends who can help you.

Online Traffic Strategy 8: Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to generate traffic to your blog and also to create a large network of influential bloggers. Doing this is simple. You just ask people to let you write for them on their blog.

This saves them the time and effort of having to create a blog post themselves. Within your blog post, you include links that redirect to your website and that provides you with more traffic.

9. Online Traffic Strategy 9: Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to get sales and generate recurring traffic to your blog. However, if you expect email marketing to work you have to create a list of emails of people you know are interested in your content and what you’re offering.

In order to build a list, you must have an email marketing service provider and a lead magnet.

Online Traffic Srategy 10: Infographic Images

Infographic images are basically long images with tutorials or insights with some type of information that you need.

It’s possible to create infographics yourself using tools like Photoshop or Canva. You can then put them inside your blog post and make an embed code. Place the code below your infographic. This makes it possible for everyone to use your infographic, and once they have it on their website, it will generate backlinks, so that whenever the image gets a click they are sent to your website.


Online Traffic Strategy 11: Forum Posting

Forums have been around forever, but they haven’t lost any of their clout yet. Forums are able to drive thousands of visitors right to your website. You just have to put a plan in place for this to happen. Whenever you reply to questions on forums, just link to your blog post so that if that anyone interested may click it.

Always try to keep your answers short and stay on topic. If you expect to get a lot of traffic from forums then you must keep posting as often as you can, which means up to 3-5 times daily at least.

Online Traffic Strategy 12: Reddit

If your post makes its way to the top of Reddit it is guaranteed to send tons of traffic to your website. But this is extremely difficult to accomplish because reditters dislike marketers.

If you want to use Reddit to get traffic to your blog, then be sure to give them value and don’t spam them. And your article must be at least 2,000 words if you have any hope of getting it posted on Reddit. If people like your content, however, it will make its way up the ladder and you will receive more traffic as a result.

Online Traffic Strategy 13: Round Up Posts

Round up posts are posts that tend to showcase different strategies and tools e.g, “20 Bloggers Earning Over 10K/Month.” These posts have a terrific effect because people get hooked by the great things offered,

how to easily make money online nowIn this case, 10K a month. When they see that other people have already achieved this goal, then they start to wonder who these people are.

Here we take aim at two basic emotions that all people experience, diversion as in something that lures their attention, and curiosity, and by tapping into these we get people to click on your article and see what it says.

You will also get free traffic online through all the people who took part in your Round Up post. Just fire off an email to everyone whom you noted in your blog post and ask them to share it.

Because you have mentioned them in it, that means there is something in it for them, so they will gladly share it and you will benefit from their traffic as well.

Online Traffic Strategy 14: Blog Commenting

When you take part in blog commenting, be certain you bring value to the blog and the readers, then place your link in the comment which should be connected to your content. By doing this you will ensure that your comment will be approved and you will also get clicks from that website.

Online Traffic Strategy 15: LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has groups that are like Facebook’s. More than 81% of LinkedIn users have joined at least one group they are interested in, all you need to do is locate a group that is based on your type of content.

How to make money on LinkedInTo locate groups on LinkedIn, just press your “Interests” tab, and then the drop down menu appears and you hit “Groups.” Search for topics. LinkedIn will also suggest groups to you according to your present activities, profiles, etc.

Just remember that once you join a group you have to be a real part of that group and participate accordingly. Follow the guidelines of the group, determine what interests people in that group the most, and build a real relationship with the group members, then post your link.

Online Traffic Strategy 16: SlideShare.net

LinkedIn owns this slide sharing website which receives more than 130 million visits monthly and boasts a user base of 70 million. There’s a lot of opportunity here to get plenty of traffic to your blog.

To start off, you need to create very informative slides on essential subjects which are searched for often. You can even use Google’s Keyword Planner to locate searches for certain keywords and use them in your file as well.

People search this site to find slides that meet their various needs so you have to do some SEO, to make sure your slide gets in front of these people.

You also have to concentrate on three other sections. Today’s Top Slides, Featured Slides, Most Shared.

Free Traffic Online Strategy 17: Mix.com

A relatively new site where you click on what article you want sort of like Pinterest.

There you have it. There are 17 killer ways to generate massive amounts of free traffic online for free. If you enjoyed this you may also like our article “13 proven ways to make money online” – check it out here

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